Essential Campfire Cooking Equipment

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There are many pieces of campfire cooking equipment cooking equipment to choose from, but the best is a complete set that includes everything you need for camping. That means cast iron skillets in several sizes (from 6 to 12 inches), a campfire griddle, Dutch oven, and a grill grate for easy lifting of the lid. The best campfire cookware kit also includes a heavy-duty wooden carrying box to keep your gear organized for car camping, as well as a pack of ferrocerium rods to help you start the fire.

Other essential campfire cooking supplies include stainless steel skewers to hold meat and vegetables like grilled cheese sandwiches, a metal pie pan to bake campfire pies, and a fire pit grilling basket. You’ll also want a sturdy kitchen knife that can cut food and other materials, such as HDMD’s Utility Chef Knife. Finally, a good set of locking tongs can be a lifesaver when eating foods over the flames or picking up coals to refuel your fire.

From Blaze to Gourmet: Essential Campfire Cooking Equipment for Outdoor Chefs

Some campsites have built-in fire rings that make cooking over the open flame a breeze, but in other cases, you’ll need to bring your own campfire cooking equipment. A portable propane campfire stove is a great option for these situations and can be used with most campgrounds, too. For those who prefer a real campfire, Camco has created a natural-looking Little Red Campfire that uses propane and can be used even when there are burn bans in effect.

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