How to Stop Spambots From Exploiting Your Website

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how to stop spambots

Spambots bot protect are one of the biggest types of online spam. They can be programmed to perform malicious activities that include taking personal information, spreading malware, or even hijacking your website. But how do you stop them?

There are a few steps you can take to protect your site from spambots. First, you’ll need to implement security measures that prevent them from entering your website in the first place.

Using double opt-in forms on your signups is one of the best ways to prevent spambots from registering on your site. This process requires your subscribers to confirm that they are really on your list by clicking a link sent in an email.

ReCAPTCHA: This tool is free and helps to detect bots as they try to enter your form. It is easy to use and works great for protecting your email address lists.

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Honeypots: These are hidden fields that allow bots to fill out the form, but they don’t show up on your page. This means the bots don’t know they’re there, and you can then remove them immediately after they’ve submitted.

Limiting IP addresses: This is another way to keep spammers from submitting multiple forms over and over again, and it can also help you determine which ones are legitimate. You can limit the number of signups from specific IP addresses and then block them once they reach a certain threshold.

Besides these steps, you’ll need to work on other security features on your website. These include making sure that sensitive data is not available from the browser side, and that your contact forms only collect the data and send it to your server for further processing.

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