IPQS Email Validation API

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ipqualityscorecom email validationIPQualityScore email verification is a critical step in identifying real users and protecting your business from fraud. It prevents duplicate accounts, reversals, chargebacks, and spam traps from registering on your site. It also removes low quality addresses such as disposable inboxes, spamtraps, and abusive emails from hurting your deliverability.

IPQS’s Email Verification API returns over 25 data points for reputation & spam scoring, including syntax & DNS checks that help improve your email deliverability and user experience. Additionally, it can determine if an email address is disposable or part of a high risk mail service to reduce your risk of delivering bulk mail that may result in blacklisting from large ISPs and ending up in the spam folder.

IPQS Email Validation API: How to Use IPQS Email Verification API for Fraud Prevention and Cybersecurity

Fraud Scores are useful indicators for detecting if an email address is high risk or not, with scores 80+ typically suspicious and 90+ often risky. Emails with leaked or frequent complainer data points also indicate that a user’s information has recently been compromised on the dark web.

Authentication for Emails

Our Email Validation API allows you to validate any email address by verifying its inboxes and SMTP server setup. Our email validation service uses hundreds of syntax and DNS checks to identify fake accounts, boucnes, disposable inboxes, or any other email address quality issue that could negatively impact your site’s deliverability.

Easily scale your email verification needs with real-time results for each email address using our email validation API. It is a cost-effective way to validate and clean up your email list as you grow your business.

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