Namibia Hunting Safari

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Namibia Hunting Safari

Namibia’s political stability and wildlife abundance have made it a prime African hunting destination. It is home to a wide variety of species and offers the opportunity for hunters to pursue them on both huge wilderness areas and private game ranches. Namibia is a popular destination for first time visitors to Africa as well as veterans of numerous other African hunts. We can design a hunt for you that fits your budget, animal bucket list and time frame.This link

Hunting on privately owned and managed wildlife areas, without livestock or interior fences, is becoming increasingly popular in Namibia. This type of hunting is in keeping with the internationally accepted guidelines for fair chase, sustainable wildlife management. It also allows hunters the opportunity to harvest trophy animals within a wild, self-sustaining population that is managed by lawful means rather than through artificial interventions such as culling or poaching.

Unforgettable Encounters: Namibia’s Premier Hunting Safari Experiences

While Namibia is best known as a plains game destination, the country’s vast desert habitats offer a full spectrum of hunting opportunities. Whether you are looking for a quality Springbok, Kudu or Oryx, we can match you with a qualified Professional Hunter to help you succeed on your hunt.

For those interested in taking a bow, we offer a number of blinds and hides on our main camp property for spot and stalk arrowing. We recommend a good quality, preferably telescopic scope for accurate shot placement and a hunting rifle well suited for African antelope in calibres ranging from 300 Winchester Magnum up to.300 BLK or 7mm with premium soft nose ammunition.

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