Northampton IT Support

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Northampton IT support is a game-changer for businesses. Managed services cut costs and eliminate the need to hire an in-house team. Plus, they provide a wide range of expertise and certifications that many in-house teams lack.

The IT department provides computer hardware and software acquisition, telecommunications infrastructure and information security management to all City departments and the public schools. It is also responsible for operations, central services and information technology systems development.

Tech Assistance at Your Fingertips: Northampton IT Support

Community Care (DCC) offers person-centered and trauma-informed care in efforts to support people experiencing homelessness, emotional distress, difficulty meeting basic needs, substance use & other challenges. The division offers crisis response & resource connections, advocacy & emotional support as well as case management & referrals to supportive housing & other resources.

The IT service desk can assist with your technical issues, such as installing supported software and helping you recover lost files. We can also help with printing, wifi and network issues and passwords. You can contact IT services by visiting the Student Hub or raising a ticket through the IT Portal. IT services are available Mondays through Fridays, excluding holidays. The Mayor and the City Council shall each appoint six members to the commission through a review process. The commission shall include representation from Black, Indigenous and People of Color and other historically marginalized communities who have been targeted by policing practices in the United States.

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