Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

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Whether it is for a wedding, birthday party or just to have fun, Photo booth hire melbourne can make your event one to remember. But before you hire one, there are a few things you should consider. For example, staying body odour free is important, especially for a long day and night. Using the best natural deodorant Australia will ensure that you don’t smell like sweat and your guests are not distracted by it.

How much does a photo booth cost Australia?

A Melbourne based photo booth company that specialises in weddings and events, Love & Lumiere is here to craft unforgettable moments through an interactive, cinematic flair. Their bespoke and stylish booths are guaranteed to capture laughter, smiles, tears and all the little things in between.

Their team are committed to providing top quality photo booths and service, guaranteeing that your special day will be a hit with all your friends and family. Whether you are looking for a classic enclosed booth or a new-age open air booth, they have the perfect fit.

Their friendly booth attendants will ensure that the booth is running smoothly and explaining to your guests how it works. They will also encourage your guests to fill out the guest book with a duplicate photo strip and a message for you. At the end of your night, they will give you a USB with the photos captured on the night. This includes both the print strip version and the high-resolution copies of the single images.

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