Pure Grip Socks

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pure grip socks

Pure grip socks are a great way to get the most out of your boots. They’re designed to complement the technologies that come with your soccer shoes, and provide superior traction on both inside and outside of your feet.

Why Players Wear Grip Socks

A fraction of a second can make all the difference on a game-winning goal, and that’s why players at the highest level of competition wear grip socks. These socks, crafted with silicone grip elements across the foot bed and heel, help your feet to lock in and eliminate slippage during physical activity.


SOXPro was designed by Cristian Di Leo, a former professional player who had some insight into the technical aspects of football performance. He had tested the first prototypes of Lotto’s “Twist’Ngo” football boots, and he realized that incorporating some elements in the socks can reduce internal slippage and enhance comfort and performance on the pitch.

From Safety to Style: The Evolution of Grip Socks in the Fitness Industry

The SOXPros feature a circular pattern of grip elements, and they’re placed strategically around the boot to ensure optimal stability. This also helps reduce the movement inside your shoe as your foot twists through play, which will improve your overall response time and increase traction on both inside and outside of your foot.


Falke has a long history of producing high-quality footwear, and their grip socks are no different. They have a decent fit, and they’re made with triple-layered moisture-wicking fabric.


The Stepzz grip socks are an affordable option for those looking to save some money on grip socks. They don’t have the same material or sizing options as the likes of NikeGrip, but they perform well on the pitch and offer an excellent fit.

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