Travel Destinations on the Rise for 2024

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Travel Destinations on the Rise for 2024

Travel Destinations on the Rise for 2024

As travelers seek experiences that are different from tried-and-true hotspots, the destinations on this list are poised to step into the spotlight in 2024. They offer pristine beauty and cultural richness, yet feel removed from the well-trodden path.

Travel Destinations on the Rise for 2024 Colombian Magdalena River, immortalized in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera, is poised to become the hottest new river cruising destination with two itineraries from AmaWaterways launching this year. Wind through storied towns and visit millennium-old temple complexes whose soaring spires and stone carvings rise like a city in the sky.

In the shadow of Angkor Wat, the mystical ruins of Koh Ker are quietly gaining in popularity. Located just two centuries before Angkor, the sprawling ruins of this sacred city—a UNESCO World Heritage site—features giant statues and ponds in the middle of crumbling structures. Amid the throngs at Angkor, the serene temples of Koh Ker can feel all your own.

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While Angkor is a must-visit, a number of other dazzling Incan citadels remain hidden from tourists. Among them is the enigmatic mountaintop complex of Choquequira, which receives just 10,000 visitors a year. But in 2024, new hiking trails and a $200 million investment could see this spectacular Incan citadel become more accessible.

Despite the economic uncertainty, Sri Lanka is in the midst of a luxury and wellness boom, from its tea-filled highlands to its palm-fringed beaches. A flurry of new hotels—from a breezy seaside retreat by homegrown luxury tour specialist Resplendent Ceylon to a design-led hotel that pays homage to Californian ranches in Byron Bay—are attracting new guests to the island, along with new itineraries and cultural tours.

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