Apple Juice Processing Line

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apple juice processing line

Apple juice processing line is a full set of machinery for washing, sorting, crushing and squeezing, pressing, clarification and concentration. This line has been widely used in large and medium scale production, especially suitable for apple, pear, kiwi fruit juice, concentrate and NFC fresh nature juice. It is easy to operate, stable and has high apple flavor and color preservation rate. It can also be applied to other fruits like strawberry, lychee and etc. It can process raw material apples of 0.5-120tons per hour. We offer turnkey project and whole sets of machines as well as single machinery.

The apple juice production process starts with washing and sorting the apple, which is then crushed using a stainless steel crusher and squeezed into juice using a belt juice extractor. The resulting liquid is then clarified and concentrated to produce a high-quality clear apple juice or NFC fresh nature juice. The sludge residue generated by the clarification and concentration of the mash contains a significant amount of sugar (measured as Brix), which can be recovered for further use.

Apple, pear production line description

The apple juice needs to be cooled and sterilized before it is ready for packaging. Generally, the apple juice is packed in cans or bottles and sealed with a can seamer or a capper. Some producers may also choose to use plastic or aseptic containers, which greatly reduce the heat-induced flavour changes in the apple juice. Recent concerns about patulin (a mycotoxin) in unpasteurized apple juice have led to the United States Federal Regulations strongly discouraging the sale of unpasteurized apple juice and advising pasteurization for all juice, even at small roadside stands and country markets where the juice is made on site.

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