Do You Need a DBS Check for Your Group?

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DBS check

If your group works with vulnerable adults or children, then it’s likely you’ll need to carry out a DBS check. Also known as DBS check they are a vital part of the safeguarding process and help to prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups. DBS checks are a form of background checking that search an applicant’s criminal record and highlight any convictions or cautions that may be relevant to their role. It’s against the law to employ someone who is barred from working with children or vulnerable adults.

DBS Checks: Unveiling the Importance of Safeguarding in UK Organizations

There are different levels of DBS checks: a basic disclosure shows all convicted or unspent cautions and convictions from the Police National Computer that haven’t been filtered. An enhanced DBS check includes the same information, but will also investigate whether the person is mentioned on the children’s and/or adults barred lists. An enhanced DBS with a list search is only available for certain roles.

It’s up to your umbrella body to decide if your group needs to request a DBS check and what level to apply for. You will then need to set out clear rules on how your volunteers or employees should complete the forms and what information you will use. It’s also important to discuss how your group will keep DBS information safe.

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