Nautical Flags Collection

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Nautical Flags Collection

Embrace your nautical decor style with these repositionable wall stickers reminiscent of vintage nautical flags. Featuring vibrant brushstrokes, these colorful flags will add nautical flair to your walls or doors!Resource:

Those beautiful burgees you see fluttering along the docks and seaside buildings are more than just decorative: they were an essential means of communication at sea before modern radio and sonar came around. They are part of a system known as the International Code of Signals, and they are used to convey messages between ships, especially when those modern communications methods fail.

Set Sail with Style: Nautical Flags Collection

Every ship out at sea requires a set of maritime flags. This collection includes the 26 standard alphabet flags (12″ x 15″), 11 numeral flags (8″ x 16″) and 4 substitute flags (4″ x 6″). The nylon nautical flags are stitched together to form a single line of message flags that can be strung on a length of lightweight cord.

These overlapping nautical flags create bold geometric designs and can be used to spell out your family name or inspiring words. They also work beautifully in a nautical frame on your gallery wall or as a filler to an empty frame.

Learn more about nautical flags at the museum’s new online exhibit, Waving Through Time. This two-part micro-exhibit focuses on the commercial and recreational flags that have helped Great Lakes vessels thrive since 1801. Part one launched on Feb. 16 with a focus on Great Lakes industrial maritime flags. Additional content will be released every two weeks.

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