South American Bird Identification

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Whether you are looking to spot an Andean Condor or just want to see more of the wildlife that calls this continent home, these guides will help. They are a great resource for the beginner birder and are sure to inspire the expert.

With their wingspans of up to eight feet, South American Bird Identification can spend whole days and nights in flight. Often called’man-o’-wars’, these stunning seabirds are found along the Pacific coast of South America. They are habitat generalists, frequenting any body of water where there is enough fish to feed on. Look for them hovering over the water’s surface, making shallow angled dives to scoop up prey.

Potoo Bird Ecology: A Closer Look at Their Nocturnal Niche

A tropical paradise of bright colors and flamboyance, the Hyacinth Macaw is one of the most popular birds in all of South America. This species is incredibly adaptable and can be seen in many human-altered habitats, including urban areas. Hyacinth Macaws eat the fruit of palm trees and are able to de-husk the nuts by dropping them on the ground where stronger animals will take them from there.

These are one of the most striking of all South American bird species. They are a small, often colorful passerine, with slender beaks and long tails. Bananaquits are known to eat bananas, and they also have a sweet tooth, so they can often be seen at sugar feeders or entering homes to look for treats. These birds are also synanthropic, meaning they thrive in close proximity to humans and even create their nests with items provided by people such as fence posts or garden trellises.

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