Buying Rattan Bread Baskets

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When you’re baking sourdough bread, it’s important to use a proofing basket for allowing the dough to rise. These are known as banneton or brotform baskets, and they’re made from rattan or other porous materials to let the dough rise while letting it breathe. They also help to imprint the spiral pattern you see on rustic loaves, so they’re a must have for any sourdough baker.

How to Prepare a Bread Basket

When shopping for rattan bread baskets, you’ll want to consider how many loaves of bread you plan to bake at once and the size of each loaf. Some bread baskets are designed for small batches, while others can accommodate larger, heavier-weight dough.

Once you’ve found a bread basket that fits your needs, it’s time to prep it for baking. The best way to do this is to lightly mist the banneton with water, then dust it with flour. This is a quick and easy preparation step that helps prevent the basket from sticking to the dough.

What You Need to Know About Proofing Baskets

Whether you’re using a basket alone or with a linen liner, a good proofing basket will keep your bread from sticking. In fact, some of them are coated with an anti-stick coating that makes releasing baked goods easier. The coating also makes it easier to clean the basket after use. Some even include a brush-off pad to make cleaning up a breeze.

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