Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Package Review

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inogen one g5 portable oxygen concentrator package

The inogen one g5 portable oxygen concentrator package package is a great option for patients who need a small and lightweight system that will increase their independence. It also comes with the latest technology that keeps the user informed of their device’s functions.

The G5 is powered by Inogen’s Intelligent Delivery, which provides oxygen therapy that’s custom-tailored to each individual’s specific needs and conditions. The system detects breathing rate and adjusts the oxygen dose accordingly to meet energy and activity levels as well as sleep patterns.

In addition, the G5 has a very sensitive breath detection mode that emits an audible alert when no breath is detected for 60 seconds. This feature reassures users that their oxygen will keep flowing until they can get a breath of air again.

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It’s also worth noting that the G5 is a more compact, quieter unit than previous versions of the Inogen One. This means that patients and their bed partners can sleep peacefully without hearing the loud noise of their POC waking them up during the night.

Another nice feature is the Bluetooth capability of the G5. It can report battery life, filter and cannula health through Inogen’s Inogen Connect app. This is useful for both iOS and Android devices, and it helps to simplify the process of learning how to use your concentrator.

When it’s time to replace filters, Inogen has an app that allows users to schedule their filter changes and get tech support if needed. They also offer discounts on parts and accessories to help you optimize your system for your needs.

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