Dry Wash Is Taking Off in Brazil

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The average Brazilian family does three to five loads of laundry per week, a task that takes up to four to five hours from wash to dry. This is a big chunk of time, not to mention the costs associated with energy and water that can be significant in low-income households.Learn more:https://drywashlavanderia.com.br/

In response to this, a growing number of Brazilians are looking for ways to speed up their laundry processes and reduce their environmental impact. One option is to use Dry Wash, a service where customers leave their dirty washing at a coin-op laundromat and receive it back once it has been washed and dried. Despite a slow start, the business is seeing growth potential, with 4% of Brazilians already using this service.

Innovative Car Cleaning: Dry Wash Techniques in Brazil

The service offers several advantages over home washing and drying machines. For example, commercial top-loading washing machines are more efficient and use 72% less energy than front-loading household machines. In addition, they can accommodate more clothes in a single load and, as a result, require fewer cycles to finish them. In addition, the business can offer a pick-up and delivery service, allowing consumers to save even more time.

In order to strengthen their ability to protect public health, governments need to invest in improving the sanitary condition of schools and improve food handling practices among school food handlers. This requires training of food handlers and restructuring of School Food Services to ensure safe meals that comply with Brazil’s organic health law.

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