Hottest Anime Femboy Characters

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hottest femboy

Femboys are boys who look like girls and often wear girlish clothing. They can be a little confusing to some people, but they are becoming more accepted in the anime and manga community. Femboys usually have feminine facial features, long hair and a slender body shape. They can also have a soft and gentle personality.

Hottest femboy Kinoshita from The Natural is one of the hottest femboy characters. He attends a girls’ school with his twin sister and is often mistaken for a female. He loves to cross-dress and is popular with the girls at his school. He even wears a dress on occasion and has his own private changing room!

Another hot femboy is Sister from Arakawa Under The Bridge. He is an androgynous male who looks unmistakably feminine with his slender frame and long pink hair. Unlike some femboys who are very shy and delicate, Sister is confident and assertive. This is what makes him stand out among the rest.

Shiota Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)

There’s also Alois from The Fate series. He is one of the most powerful and wealthy heirs to the Trancy family. He enjoys wearing women’s clothes and teasing other men. He also shows off his family jewels to impress other people.

There are many other hot femboys in anime such as Ringo Tsukimiya from Saotome Academy. She is a member of the idol group in the school and she’s so small with delicate features that she’s often mistaken for a girl. He is very popular with the girls in his school and has a gentle and kind personality.

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