How to Install an Artificial Turf Putting Green

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The installation of an artificial turf putting green requires careful planning and preparation. Using improper equipment and methods can damage the green’s performance and lifespan. A professional installer will make sure your green is installed correctly. The first step in installing your green is to prepare the ground. Make sure to level the ground, smooth out any bumps, and turn the soil if necessary.

Next, lay out the turf on the installation area. If there are multiple rolls of turf, tape them together. Make sure the seams are level, as uneven seams will interfere with your putts. Then, use a drop spreader to spread infill sand evenly over the turf. You can also use a power broom to do this job, but a manual one should be sufficient.

Another benefit of using an artificial turf putting green is its ease of maintenance. Unlike natural grass, an artificial turf green doesn’t require watering or mowing, making it convenient to use. Furthermore, it’s pet-friendly, which makes it ideal for those with pets. It is also cost-effective, so if you’re considering installing one, check out some of these benefits before making a decision.

The size and type of turf are the major cost drivers when it comes to artificial turf installation. A high-quality putting green is typically more expensive than a regular lawn, because installing it requires more expertise and labor. Nevertheless, a quality installation team can help keep your costs to a minimum.

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